Tackling Diabesity (Diabetes & Overweight) at the Workplace: New Evidence-based Recommendations for Metabolic Surgery

Diabesity is the new term for diabetes caused by obesity, creating a multi-dimensional issue for employers and the workforce.   Breaking from traditional thinking around narrowly defined surgical recommendations, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has recently developed guidelines opening up thinking about bariatric surgery recommendations for patients with lower BMIs as a means to ameliorate Type 2 Diabetes. David Cummings, MD, prominent endocrinologist and co- author of the ADA  recent guidelines will share his clinical perspective on this topic. Additionally, learn how some employers have modified their thinking about the stigma of bariatric surgery as a remedy for lifestyle choice vs. to address a disease state and the overall impact on an employer’s health strategy.


  • Learn what Diabesity is and how the medical community  and employer community are thinking about this disease
  • Understand the new ADA guidelines and what this means for an employer’s health strategy
  • Explore an employer’s practical approach to Diabesity