Mental Health Now and in the Future

Mental health has been a top concern for our members and a key focus for us.  Now, though, the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath create a bigger mental health crisis than we have faced in recent history.

We are doing all we can to provide you with the information and guidance you need to navigate these challenging times.  You can find resources HERE on our special COVID-19 home page.  And for help in selecting a digital mental health solution to meet the needs of your employee population, consult our Digital Tools and Solutions for Mental Health: An Employer’s Guide.

The current crisis lays bare the shortcomings of this country’s mental healthcare system, and we’re helping to address these issues by playing a leadership role in the Path Forward on Mental Health and Substance Use, a national five-year initiative you can read about HERE.

Join us, as together with partners and stakeholders, we embark on the road to better mental health and wellbeing for all of us.  




Digital Tools and Solutions for Mental Health: An Employer's Guide

May 2020

Find out how digital tools fit in your strategy – and how to make sure yours is right for your employee population.

Includes a deep dive on 28 tools most often used by employers!